Observational drawing has always been a passion of mine, providing a rich source of ideas and inspiration for more finished illustrations, and keeping me looking closely and learning about the world. I also enjoy imaginative drawing, and my sketchbooks tend to be a mix of both.

Observational drawing, particularly, is so important to me that I teach classes for both children and adults at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and other venues. The focus of my classes is often botanical or animal drawing. Observational drawing is a fun way to connect to the world around you – to record your experiences, respond to nature, think through a problem and express yourself. If you'd like to check out my classes, please visit my teaching website:

Drawing Study of Lilies
Subject: Study of Lilies (colored pencil)
Observational Sketch of a Hornbill
Subject: Hornbill, Harvard Museum of Natural History (graphite)
Observational Sketch of a Cupola
Subject: Cupola, Harvard University (ballpoint pen)
Cartoon Sketch of a Pigeon
Subject: Pigeon (graphite)
Cartoon Sketch of a Porcupine
Subject: Porcupine (ballpoint pen)
Cartoon Sketch of a Weevil Reading the Newspaper
Subject: Weevil, Catching Up on the Latest News (pen)